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By | July 31, 2017

2 Reasons Your Blog Titles Might Suck SEOOne Click SEO – If you never sat and thought about the most important factor of SEO on a page, then allow this article to help. The first thing you see on Google search results, is a big list of blue links point to websites, and each one of those links speak to possible visitors. So you should make every effort to perfect the art of title-craft.

Numbers and grab words

Many people will forget a lot of SEO rules, but titles truly are make or break for an article and it’s home. The main thing you should concentrate on, is being different from other titles. This has been done two-fold in the article you are reading now. Instead of the number two being written as “two”, it has been done as a number. This is due to humans picking out numbers better than letters in a block of text. We are used to seeing ordered lists, number 1, 2, 3 etc. and we learn from an early age to look for patterns like this. Our Pakar SEO brains hunt for numbers whilst we are unaware of it.

As well as a number being used in the title, you will see that there is an element of humour in there, by suggesting your titles suck. Of course, no harm is meant by this, and the title is seriously ambiguous. However, the sentence works to grab the reader, and the second effect is complete Master SEO.

Keep it compact

When a reader sees your title, they will often be looking for the shortcut that takes them from search to result. You need to tell them that your article is short, compact, and has everything they need (including solving their problem – whatever it may be). Jasa SEO This is why lists are important. If you tell people there are just two ways to fix their titles, they are interested. This is how you can ensure they don’t click the back button once they see a big block of text. They just want short and punchy results.

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